We're addicted to our phones. With three beautiful kids all under 5 years old, we needed to Figure It Out.

After our 4-year-old son called us out for texting and driving, we finally realized how dumb and reckless we were being. So we created a box to put our phones in while we drive. Because, honestly, we'd rather put our phones in a box than our bodies in a box.

So take the challenge with us and be part of the solution to end distracted driving. Put your phone in the box and enjoy your ride. 

—TJ + Melissa Therrien, Founders of a Really-Simple-But-Awesome Box That Could Save Your Life

Imagine driving 60 mph, blindfolded, from one end of a football field to the other. That takes five secondsthe same five seconds to send a quick text. The same five seconds likely to crash your car or end someone's life.

When your phone's in the box, you're telling everyone on the road that your lifeand their lifeis more important than your fear of missing out. YOLO>FOMO.

It's more than a box. It's all of us making the choice to be smarter than our phones and enjoy the ride. It's a movement. You in?