Before we ship your product, we apply a strip of adhesive to the bottom of the box. This is what mounts the box to your dashboard. The adhesive we use is not permanent, meaning it will not damage or leave residue on your dashboard.

  1. Wipe the dust off of the dashboard. A dry microfiber cloth is best.
  2. Apply when dry.
  3. Do NOT remove the box from the dashboard once you have applied it. The adhesive is not permanent, so the tackiness will decrease immensely once removed.


In rare instances, we have received feedback that the adhesive is not securely attaching to the dashboard of the vehicle. We have learned that some dashboards are more resistant than others to our adhesive, so we are beginning to use a stronger adhesive.

If your adhesive is not sticking, we are very sorry! Please contact us at thephoneboxmovement@gmail.com and we will supply you with a new adhesive to apply to your box.